Over the years, due to my work in military, I have had to relocate many times and dealt with several real estate agents. Tiffany Fisher is without a doubt the most pleasant,professional and dedicated agent I have hired. A home purchase is always stressful but Tiffany’s calm and systematic approach allowed me to find a great home within my price range without heartache . She went above and beyond in all aspects of the purchase; from her research prior to my arrival in town to the final document signatures. She even helped me with warranty issues well after closing. Her strong research abilities, her excellent knowledge of the market and her negotiation advice were indicative that she clearly had my best interest in mind. Tiffany was also unbelievably accommodating with my changing an unpredictable schedule. All in all there is no other agent I would recommend more than Tiffany Fisher.

Thanks so much Tiffany

Darcy S